Cultural Differences

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Cultural Differences

Post by Katie and Julien on Fri 14 Aug - 21:23

Hailing a taxi? Going out for dinner? Here are a few things to be aware of...

1. If possible, always hail a taxi as opposed to calling one. When you call a taxi, you pay for part of the trip from the driver's location when he received your call to you, in Brest this doesn't usually make a big difference, but can be pricier in Paris. Also, be aware of extra charges for suitcases when travelling to/from the airport in Paris.

2. Ordering a drink- in some bars there is no table service, you must go to the bar to order. This will normally be indicated somewhere in the bar 'Toutes consommations se prennent et se r├Ęglent au bar'. However, if you don't see this and have been waiting for a while, don't hesitate to go to the bar to order.

3. Reservations, reservations, reservations- Looking to check out a good restaurant your hotel recommended? If it is a popular place, a Saturday night or peak dinner hours, have the hotel call and reserve for you. Keep in mind that MOST restaurants (Paris is an exception) are open between 12-2pm and 7pm-11pm or later. So keep an eye on your watch if you've got your heart set on a restaurant for lunch.

4. Tipping for services- A delicate/personal topic, you're all welcome to do as you like, but know that tipping is not expected/necessary in France. (And certainly not 20% for meals or each time you order a drink!) If you appreciate the service, leaving a little something on the table is always appreciated, but visa/debit machines will not give you the opportunity to add a tip to the bill. As always, Paris is an exception... be wary of places that add gratuity directly to your bill.

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